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The annual graduation rate post

I know I've been barking up the tree of " Graduation Rates are inputs, not outputs " for a long time.  And I know no one is listening.  So I do this, just to show you (without the dependent variable) just how unsurprising they are. Here are four views of graduation rates at America's four-year public and private, not-for-profit colleges and universities. And I've put them in four views, with several different ways to look at the data. The first (using the tabs across the top) shows four-, five-, and six-year graduation rates on the left, and "Chance in four" on the right.  In other words, since everyone pretty much thinks they're going to graduate from the college they enroll in as a freshman, what are the chances of graduating in four years, rather than six?  There are some surprises there, as you'll see. On all the visualizations, you can apply filters to limit the colleges you're looking at.  The scroll bar (to move up or down) is on the r