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Are students fleeing to the south to avoid The Woke? Three possible answers.

The three answers to the question in the title, in case you want to cut to the chase, are "Yes," "No," and "Maybe but we really can't tell for certain." This has been a point of discussion for some time.  The completely neutral publication Southern Living, with absolutely nothing to gain from publishing this piece, for instance, was convinced it was true back in 2022.  The American Thinker had similar observations, but made it about politics in this piece . And finally, among the articles I've seen, at least, is this one, in The Free Press  where the money quote is "Even if I could have gotten into Harvard, I wouldn't have gone," an observation which seems like it was made for a gif. There are a lot of anecdotes in these articles, of course, and we all know that three anecdotes are more than enough to build a story upon: My lawyer's neighbor's son's girlfriend is going to Alabama because she liked the rush videos , for in