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College Board AP Data

The College Board recently released data on its AP Exams.  I've downloaded several workbooks already, and of the one I've dug into, I've only been able to get through two worksheets.  The data presentation is clunky (please, agencies, provide un-pivoted data without merged cells and totals and all that stuff, if not by itself, then as a companion), but it reveals some interesting patterns. Well, I think so. I've visualized it in five views: The source of the data is here , in case you want to download it yourself. View 1, Totals (using the tabs across the top) is just totals: Use the controls to show males or females, or certain scores, or certain exams.  I think it's very compelling, especially if you look at the high scores the College Board claim about AP opening access to selective institutions. View 2, Scores by Ethnicity and Exam , shows score distributions of the four largest ethnic groups.  Filter by a single exam if you'd like. View 3, 100% St