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First-year Discount rate at private colleges, 2021

This is always a popular topic, but the subject is misunderstood.  I want to talk about discount rate at private colleges.   IPEDS has the best data on first-year (or freshman) discount, so that's what I visualize.  And the first part of this is going to get a bit into the weeds; if you work in a private college or university, and you use this in your work, or you send it to trustees, you can support my time, effort, software, and hosting costs by buying me a coffee .  If  you don't want the details, and you think you understand this concept, feel free to skip down to the section that breaks down the views, below the line of asterisks. For those who always ask, no, I don't do this for public universities.  It may be helpful to compare institutions within a state, but beyond that, state funding models and the mix of resident and nonresident tuition rates make comparisons across borders mostly meaningless.  And for the more knowledgeable who might wonder, I assume that all in

Yes, your yield rate is STILL falling, version 2022

We finally got the delayed 2022 admissions data from IPEDS yesterday, and I spent the better part of the evening working on pulling this together.  Counselors, parents, students, and admissions/enrollment management officers tell me this is a helpful tool to use while thinking about the state of college admission. There are four views here: All institutions interactive shows admission data for all institutions who report it to IPEDS: The number of applications for the first-year class, the number of students offered admission, and the number who enrolled, shown on the bar charts at top.  Then, below, I've calculated admit rates, yield rates, and draw rates.  Admit rate is total admits/total applications; Yield rate is total enrolls/total admits.  And draw rate is yield/admit rate. Draw rate is intended to show fake, artificially deflated admit rates.  I've written about this a lot, but essentially if you try to look more selective than you are by pumping up soft application